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Our Mission:

To provide tie-down systems both superior in quality and price to that of any similar
products carried by "big-box" stores.

Our Goal:

Staying aware of both the products and technology available in the marketplace. We constantly shop
the competition to make sure that we have the absolute highest quality products available at the lowest
price guaranteed.

Who We Are:

We are a manufacturing company that is simply tired of seeing "big-box" stores force-feed the American
public inferior quality products at over inflated prices.

We provide American Made and High Quality Innovative tie-down systems.

How We Do It:

Our number one concern is SAFETY. All of our products meet or exceed both D.O.T. and Web & Sling
Assoc. standards for safety.

Before we will sell any product, it must pass our field and/or lab test for "Normal" abuse. Our products
may cost as much as other "disposable" tie-downs, but they will outlast even the most expensive straps.
T.S.I. Products Exceed All Quality Standards Set by
Web Sling & Tie Down Assoc. AND the U.S.D.O.T.