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Motorcycle / ATV
TieDowns & Accesorries
Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tie-Down
1,500 LB Rating  -  500 LB Safe Load
Available in a Variety of Colors
Light Duty Motorcycle Tie-Down
1,200 LB Rating  -  400 LB Safe Load
Available in Black
T.S.I. Motorcycle / ATV tie-down straps are simply the best on the market. We use thicker rubberized
hooks that will not slip or scratch even under Xtreme conditions. The attached handle provides quick and
easy tightening and also stops the adjustable end from detaching.

We are currently researching prototype motorcycle tie-down systems that will solve ALL of the common
concerns of the most seasoned All-Terrain and Street Vets. If you have suggestions or complaints about
2nd place straps, please let us know -
Detached Soft Grips
Put You In Control
Grab onto forks or bars without an abrasive metal hook, or add an extra 18" - 24" to your tie-downs.