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Safety Information
Calculating The Working Load Limit
Total Breaking Strength / 3 = Working Load Limit OR Safe Load
By only loading a tie-down with no more than 1/3 of the total breaking
strength, this allows for unexpected stopping or maneuvering that may cause
the cargo to shift and as much as 2/3 its weight in force on the restraints.
All TieGrrr Straps, Inc products, when new, have a WARNING
statement describing proper uses of the product as well as
operating instructions describing the safe operation of the product.

f you have a TieGrrr Strap product that
does not have a warning tag attached to it,
please contact the factory.

Even if you, the normal user has read and understands the
WARNINGS, each product should have a warning tag attached to it
in the event that you allow someone else to use the product.
Important Notice:
TieGrrr Straps, Inc, Manufactures Innovative Solutions.
Traumatic Hyphema
Stretch Cord Hook
Through Upper Lid
With injuries ranging from traumatic hyphema caused by blunt force trauma to complete vision loss
from penetrating or impaling the lid and eye; the stretch cord, even when used correctly, can be a
dangerous tool.

According to medical journal, Current Opinion in Ophthalmology, “The annual incidence of reported
ocular injuries secondary to bungee cords has steadily climbed in recent years, and the frequency of
bungee cord related injuries is likely to continue to grow…The elastic recoil of a bungee cord can
generate tremendous force, capable of producing severe blunt and penetrating ocular trauma.”

TieGrrr Straps, Inc., a tie-down strap manufacture based out of Seattle, WA, is finding innovative ways
to put a stop to these injuries. Their “hookless” cam strap, dubbed the TieGrrr Strap™ is superior to
both stretch cords and rope. By simply inserting the weather resistant webbing through the solid zinc or
chrome plated buckle, cargo of most any shape or size can be easily secured without risk of dangerous
T.S.I. Products Exceed All Quality Standards Set by
Web Sling & Tie Down Assoc. AND the U.S.D.O.T.